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Wedding & Rehearsal Dinner Venue

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind unique Wedding Venue?

One of the most overwhelming aspects of making wedding decisions is the judgment that comes from others. A common line of reasoning is “do it this way because that’s the way it’s done.” Um NO

As long as there are weddings, there will always be couples who are looking to find unique ways to honor their loved ones throughout their wedding ceremony. However look no further than Scottsdale Hangar Parties.

While it may be a new addition to the Scottsdale events scene, Scottsdale Hangar Parties is quickly becoming one of Greater Phoenix’s most sought after wedding and event venues.

While most would not consider us a “conventional” wedding event space, it’s unconventionality paired with its nearly infinite possibilities are what load the venues with charm.

Guests are met with the opportunity to marvel at Grand Helicopter entrances and exits (and just may be lucky enough to take a flight for themselves) while couples receive the unique experience of taking their wedding photos on the tarmac.

Weddings & Rehearsal Dinners Scottsdale Hangar Events

Til Death Do Us Part
The day you’ll never forget, even more memorable.

Marry your best friend in a Helicopter Hangar. Ever considered marrying your best friend in a Helicopter Hangar?

Make a grand entrance to your wedding reception in our Airbus AS350-B2 “SaberCat1” helicopter.

You can impress your guests with Helicopter rides of their own and show them what Scottsdale Arizona is like 1000’ up!

Get inventive with your venue
Out with the old and in with the new! There is no reason to go conventional with your venue in the form of a banquet hall or church for example. Choosing a car barn, vehicle vault theater, or jet or helicopter hangar this is a great way to switch things up.

Scottsdale Hangar Parties boasts numerous pristine hangars, ranging in size from 2,500 – 15,000 square feet, generously equipped with 25-foot ceilings, raw industrial elements, and polished concrete or epoxy floors– making them an ideal blank slate for creative couples to bring their unique vision to life.