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We are social beings. Online connections are great, but collaborating face to face is still our most instinctive way of interacting. An impressive event experience is the one where we get to meet new people, initiate new business opportunities and even make lasting friendships. Producing an environment for associates and getting people together is still one of the core values an event has to offer. Event technology and decor is there to enhance that experience, not be the backbone.

In this highly connected world, the amount of ambiguity and amazement is increasingly scarce, and what guests at immersive experiences enjoy is being plunged into an absolutely outlandish state where they might end up in the middle of a flash mob or a panic room with no way out but to find the way.

Extraordinary & Unique Hangar A Show-Stopping Backdrop
Short Overview

You are pushing the boundary between fantasy and reality. Any event can contain immersive elements to give guests that same bombshell feeling of wonder and excitement.

The Hangar boasts more open square footage than almost any venue option in Goodyear!

Weather permitting, many of the aircraft can be moved out to the tarmac allowing more room in the hangars for your event, and still providing your guests easy access to enjoy them.

12,500’ inside
4 Preferred Caterers -In House Beverage Service
Convenient load-in and load-out is provided through a large roll-up door
120’ wide x 100’ deep
28’ door height
outdoor area measures 360’ wide and 160’ deep
57,600 with easy access for trucks and gear!

Scottsdale Hangar Parties

SHP provides a one-stop shop for all of your corporate event requirements in house AV, staging, various high-level catering partners, Beverage Service and providing an impressive experiential experience.

From the entrance of the first guest to the exit of the last, we want their experience to be unforgettable.

Cocktails Under the Stars- Corporate Event- Incentive Events
Charity Galas- Award Ceremonies-Private Parties
Convention Groups- Cocktail Parties
Promotional Events- Fundraising Events
Networking Events- Experiential Events
Cocktail Welcomes – Sit down dinners – Interactive events
Corporate Events  -Brand Launches – Product Activations
Award Recognition Ceremonies – Black Tie Galas

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