All venues are on private property and conveniently located only a short drive from all of the valley’s top resorts. Industrial-style spaces are one of this year’s biggest trends in the events industry. These edgy venues make a bold statement and bring guests together in new and exciting ways. Industrial-style spaces are also ideal for product launches. After all, a great product deserves a great venue that really packs a punch. When it comes to hiring a venue for a product launch, an industrial-style space that grabs the attention of industry experts or reviewers could make all the difference to a product’s success later down the line.

Make your Guest go “WOW” An Industrial Style Space
Short Overview

You see the problem with traditional venues is not that they aren’t fun. It’s just that they are plain old and boring. There is nothing special about these venues no matter how much effort and money you invest in them. If you want to truly make the night a special one for all your guests, you should go for something completely out of the box.

Events are becoming a more immersive experience for everybody now and all the people hosting the best events are looking for venues that would make their guests go “..Wow!”

88 Parking Spaces
Minutes from all Valley Resorts
4 Preferred Caterers -In House Beverage Service

*Set-up capacities vary based on A/V and Food Service

Scottsdale Hangar Parties

SHP provides a one-stop shop for all of your corporate event requirements in house AV, staging, various high-level catering partners, Beverage Service and providing an impressive experiential experience.

From the entrance of the first guest to the exit of the last, we want their experience to be unforgettable.

Cocktails Under the Stars- Corporate Event- Incentive Events
Charity Galas- Award Ceremonies-Private Parties
Convention Groups- Cocktail Parties
Promotional Events- Fundraising Events
Networking Events- Experiential Events
Cocktail Welcomes – Sit down dinners – Interactive events
Corporate Events  -Brand Launches – Product Activations
Award Recognition Ceremonies – Black Tie Galas

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