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We Understand Corporate Incentive Groups & Events

We know what it takes to create a stunning incentive event. We have the necessary experience to understand your needs, we design, plan and organize corporate events, in our own private venues.

Scottsdale Private Event Venues loves “never been done before” experiences

Scottsdale Hangar Parties the perfect backdrop for once-in-a-lifetime moments.  Our exquisite settings and appetizing cuisine lend contribute to good feelings in the ideal ambiance.

Top Performers deserve top awards

Scottsdale Hangar Events

An incentive event, also at times known as an incentive program or incentive trip, is a organized event or trip that is used to encourage people to achieve a detailed business goal. Providing your colleagues with a rewarding incentive is an excellent way to show appreciation for their hard work.

Incentive trips should be a journey

We have the perfect event venues for any agenda. Each venue offers something a little different. From a cozy investors’ gathering to a full-blowout with thousands, our event venues can be designed exactly for your needs—complete with your own corporate branding and dedicated support.

We take a tailored approach to deliver a personal unique experience every time. Our service exceeds expectations with gourmet cuisine made with locally sourced and imported ingredients that delight the palate and the senses.

We work with hectic people. So, it’s not very frequent we have an occasion to spend some quality time with coworkers, in a venue that is not only stunning, but that permits you to relax, let your guard down, and let those innovative juices flow.

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